Salary for Rad Tech and Related Information about This Profession

The information about salary for rad tech is something a lot of people are curious about. Rad tech is the short term for radiologist technicians. They work in a hospital dealing with X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs. For you who want to find out how much money the rad tech can make every year, the information will be available below.

Salary for Rad Tech Information

The thing about salary for rad tech is that it’s quite a lot. Hospital-related jobs are always high-paying as their jobs are dealing with somebody else’s well-being. Below, there will be information about the yearly salary of a rad tech, as well as the best places in the United States of America to work as a rad tech.

  1. How Much Money Does a Rad Tech Make an Hour?

The yearly salary for rad tech is approximately $65,200 and $94,400. The median is being $73,900 per year. This is quite a lot of money for someone working in a hospital. The job is paying a decent amount of money because apparently, operating X-ray machines, CT scans, and MRI-related tools are not something too easy to handle. It requires special skills and knowledge.

  1. The Best Place to Work as Rad Tech

In general, the salary for rad tech is already a lot. However, there are several states in the USA that pay even more money to their rad techs. This is where you want to go working as a rad tech and get more money per year. These are five of the highest-paying states in the USA.

  • California

California is a big, expensive city with a lot of hospitals. Many elites people are living in California, making the average price of everything is quite higher. If you work as a rad tech in California, the amount of money you will receive per year is around $81,060. This salary for rad tech is a pretty decent amount of money in the big city.

  • District of Columbia

When it comes to medical officers, the District of Columbia is a great place to be. This is where the rad tech and MRI tech salary is above the median. The salary for those working as technicians in radiologist is approximately $77,990 per year.

  • Hawaii

Hawaii is the third highest-paying state all across the USA for a rad tech. When you run after a career in the USA as a rad tech, you will certainly be able to get a lot of money. There are plenty of hospitals in Hawaii. On average, they pay their rad techs $76,230 per hour. It is not including bonuses, overtime compensation, and more.

  • Massachusetts

It is generally believed that the state of Massachusetts has one of the best healthcare services in the USA. It is quite true, though, and it is not only the health service that’s great there but also the salary rate for the healthcare workers. A rad tech salary in the state of Massachusetts is around $74,820 per year.

  • Oregon

The last place in these top five highest-paying states in the USA for a rad tech is Oregon. If you work in Oregon as a tech rad, $73,720 per year is the amount of money that you will receive, which is one of the highest ones in the USA.

To be a good rad tech and earn a lot of money, you need a lot of experience as well as supporting education. A lot of medical schools have places for young people to learn and gain the degree needed for a rad tech job. The information about salary for rad tech above will certainly motivate them more to learn.

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