How Much is the Average Salary of Electricians?

Being an electrician may not be everyone’s childhood dream, but despite it being a not-so-prominent job to aspire like doctors or teachers, there are minor numbers of children dreaming to be one. Thanks to their stellar skills of diagnosing and ‘curing’, just like a doctor, they are sought when people encounter problems related to the electricity system. Being an electrician is often said to be one of the highest-paid jobs even without any university degree. How much is the average salary of electricians? Find out below about how much their salary is, as well as related information about electricians.

How Much is the Average Salary of Electricians in the States?

  • How much are electricians paid?

As earlier mentioned, the average salary of electricians depends on their experience and location. So, to answer how much electricians are paid, it has too diverse answers.

But then, some of you wonder how much the average salary of electricians in the USA is. Well, per 2018, the average annual electrician’s salary in the USA is around $49,930 – $55,190 (we took more than one source, that’s why we put range). According to one source, the 25% lowest-paid earn around $41,200, while the 25% highest-paid can earn around $72,780. Remember the positions are not considered here, so the highest 25% can be those with a high position in the company.

If there are no such variables coming contributing to the data, it implies that the diversity of salary is still high throughout the nation. So, it can be a good option to look for an electrician career in a metropolitan or industrial area. But, keep in mind that living costs in such areas can be higher.

  • Determinants of electricians’ salary

Before finding out the average salary of electricians in the USA, it is important to note that salary typically depends on two aspects: experience and location. A similar rule applies too in terms of an electrician’s salary. One example is if the electricians work in metropolitan areas, such as New York or San Francisco in California, the chance of getting more bucks is higher.

  • What does an electrician do?

Electricians often have their own specialties. Obtained from some resources, it’s said that there are mainly three kinds of electricians: residential, commercial, and maintenance electricians. People may not be aware of this, that’s why they only say ‘electricians’ in general.

The electricians work mainly with electrical systems. They maintain and repair if there are any problems in the system, not only in houses but also in industries. However, before doing the maintenance, electricians should be able to detect where the problem comes from. This is why they highly appreciate experiences and skills over a college degree.

  • How to become an electrician

Well, people don’t just go out and declare themselves as electricians. It takes a long way to get that average salary of electricians. Although it is said that being electricians do not require formal education, it doesn’t mean anyone who doesn’t attend schools can become a highly paid electrician.

In the States, the making of an electrician is often done through an informal training program, called an electrician training program. After that, around 4-5 years, apprenticeship is the next step of becoming an electrician. In this step, generally, an apprentice still cannot get the average salary of electricians. Following that, apprentices who are confident with their skill can take a licensing exam conducted by National Electrical Contractor Association.

  • Pros and Cons

All jobs have their ups and downs, not to exclude electricians. One of the greatest things about being an electrician is the constantly changing challenges. If you are a person who is prone to boredom, being one is a great decision. It also requires decent problem-solving skills as the job provides intangible challenges day by day.

It may sound nice as it offers many challenges to get rid of. However, the job may force you to work in unexpected times, especially if you are not affiliated with a company. Let’s not forget about the health hazards, such as burns, serious injuries, or maybe electrical shocks.

So, what do you think about the average salary of electricians? Is being an electrician suitable for your passion and personality? Though the pay may not be high, if being an electrician is what you love to do, it’s better to do it than to regret not being it.

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