Average Salary for Plumbers and How Much Money They Make

Understanding the average salary for plumbers is something important when you are interested in the construction industry and want to work as a plumber. This is a high-paying job where the work involved there is nothing to be taken for granted. Here is more information about how much money a plumber makes.

Information Related to Average Salary for Plumbers

These are some of the explanations about the average salary for plumbers. It goes beyond that by explaining the extra money a plumber can earn and the determining factors that have impacts on the average salary or payment of the plumber. You should read them carefully, so you know exactly what to expect in the salary.

  1. Average Plumber Hourly Play

The average salary for plumbers is around $14.64 – $35.17 per hour. The median hourly pay is around $21.90. This is quite a lot of money for a job in construction. It is bigger than the amount of money an electrician made. It is also bigger than the one given to a glazier or installer in a construction job.

  1. Extra Payment for Plumber

The basic hourly pay is not the only thing that the plumber brings home. There will be several other payments added to the basic payment. It makes the amount of money given to the plumber even bigger. Some of the most common extra payments or additional payments added to the average salary for plumbers are:

  • Bonus

One of the biggest additional payments in the average salary for plumbers is a bonus. Bonus is usually given by the employer or the client for the plumbers and other workers on the site when the project is completed. Bonus is also given to the workers when they have to work long hours and when they have to finish the job on holiday seasons. It is more like compensation for hard work.

  • Profit Sharing

When the construction company is getting a massive contract and they do need a lot of help from the plumbers, they will need the plumber to work harder and hence they offer profit sharing from the job in addition to the standard payment. It is often applied to a job that will have numerous people, starting from plumbers to labor workers, to get involved in it.

  1. Determining Factors in the Payment

So, what determines the average salary for plumbers? Basically, there are factors that cause the payment of a plumber to be different from one place to another. The factors are going to be explained here. It will help you understand the importance of choosing the right job and the right place for the job.

  • The State/Area

The state or area is the most determining factor in the payment. The payment average for any job and the standard of living is very different from one state to another. The highest paying state in the United States of America for a plumber is Minnesota. The plumbers there are paid way above average with $48.08 average hourly pay. The next state where plumbers are also paid a huge amount of money in Massachusetts. Massachusetts pays plumbers with also $48.08 average hourly pay. Other high-paying states for plumbers are including Delaware ($46.49), Illinois ($45.31), California ($42.63), and Arizona ($42.30).

  • Experience

Experience is also one of the most determining factors in the plumber salary per hour. Basically, when you are just very new in the industry, known as an entry-level plumber and you have less than a year of experience in the plumbing industry, you will get paid around $14-$15 per hour. When you have more experience, around 1 to 4 years of it, you will get paid around $18 to $21 per hour. The payment will get bigger as your years of experience expand. A plumber with more than 5 years of experience in the industry will receive at least $23 on average per hour.

Compared to another job in the construction area, plumbing is there in the high-paying section. It is because skills and experience are totally needed when you want to work as a professional plumber. An error in the plumbing system can damage a building quite permanently. This is the reason why the average salary for plumbers has to be satisfying.

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